Accommodation is one of the biggest fixed costs travellers have and reducing that cost can lead to big savings!

Finding cheap accommodation is one of the biggest ways to save money on your next holiday.

Thankfully, there are many ways to find a good/cheap place to stay:

1. Check out the local hostels.

Hostels are always my first choice when I travel alone and they are a great place to meet people. If shared rooms aren’t your thing then you can get a private room and still enjoy the social aspects that a hostel brings.

2. Don’t leave your bookings till last minute during high season
If you are going on holiday during high season book your accommodations ahead of time when prices are cheaper and there is more availability. This will reduce your costs. I use since they usually have free cancellation in case I want to book another place to stay.

3. Pay less for hotels
Companies like Hotel Tonight and offer hotel stays at a deeply discounted rate.

4. Airbnb
I like staying in Airbnbs because it allows me to stay in neighbourhoods rather than hotels/hostels that are situated in the city centre.

5. Location matters
Generally, the further away from the city centre the cheaper the accommodation will be. Factor in the increase in travel time and cost for transportation to the city to determine whether the savings are worth it.

6. Consider house-sitting
If you’re planning on staying for a while consider house-sitting in lieu of paying rent. Just go to google and search up the city name following house sitting and be on your way.

7. Couchsurf!
You get a free place to stay, a friend to show you around with a local perspective! Plus, the app allows you to connect to local people and fellow travellers even if you don’t want to stay at their place.

8. Kitchen friendly places

Accessibility to a kitchen is key if you want to save money on your travels. Having the option to cook some of your meals at your rental will be great for your wallet.

9. Know what you want.

The best accommodation is the one that fits your mood and how you want to travel. Some times we stay in an Airbnb to have more privacy and other times in hostels because we want to meet people.

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