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Radical Self Love Retreat

A full immersion in radical self love. Meditation, Yoga, Soul food, The art of touch, tons of fresh fruit, self love practices, manifestation, beach therapy, traditional ceremonies of healing, and a steady unravelling of all that stifles the soul <3 

Danielle is owner of The Yoga Barre, founder of Soulistic Freedom and love warrior on a mission to heal the world through all things nourishing and loving. 

Having traveled 15 countries, lived abroad, and become at home in TULUM she is fluent in spanish and well connected to the local community.  She can’t wait to give you an authentic and once in a life time experience in the Riviera Maya.

Danielle spends all her free time learning new ways to heal and thrive and leading others to trust their internal healer. She’s a total wellness warrior who has racked up quite the list of credentials! Helping countless people heal from auto immune disease, reclaim their energy, free their soul, find their purpose, and live their truth in a state of unconditional self love and soulistic freedom. She’s yoga certified in hatha and vinyasa flow for all levels, certified in mindful yoga for trauma and addiction, barre certified, a certified yoga body worker, personal nutrition certified, and most importantly she’s got a fire in her heart to creating lasting changing 😉 


Retreat Highlights

  • Direct return flights London Gatwick to Cancun
  • Listed Flight: Feb 07 to Feb 14
  • Yoga + Meditation
  • Sacred Cenote Swim
  • Bodywork + Self Love
  • Food that Heals
  • City and Beach Exploration

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