How to Pack Your Life into Your Carry-On

Written by Jay Ho

I travelled to 23 destinations in the 2 years that I lived in London, England. Every trip taken was with a budget airline (Ryanair, Easyjet, Wizzair, Norwegian, etc.) I learnt a fair few things about travelling and especially about what I need for a 5 day holiday. Here’s some advice on how to pack for your break away:

Check the weather of destination

Always, always check the weather to give yourself a logical idea of what you need to pack.

Plan outfits

Lay out your clothes and decide what works with what. You can wear the same thing twice, you don’t need a different outfit for every day. Pair the top with shorts one day and a pair of jeans on another day. I’ve made my life simple by only owning 1 pair of jeans 🙂

Pack light

Don’t bring stuff that you know you won’t use. ‘I’ll bring that just in-case’ ‘what if this happens and I need this.” Packing light can be difficult but we promise it is doable.

Wear bulky items while travelling

Bulky items such as shoes and winter coats take up too much space so just wear it whilst you’re travelling. This way you can stay warm on those air conditioned flights.

Fill all spaces and roll clothes

By simply rolling your tshirts, underwear and shorts you end up saving a lot of valuable space. If you are bringing extra shoes then simply tuck in your socks into the shoes.

Less weight, less problem

Travelling can be feel like a holiday if you pack lightly. It’s so much nicer arriving in a new destination and not having to lug around a heavy carry-on (I am reminded of arriving in London and dragging Olivia’s bag through the underground).

Essential Items in my Carry-On (5 day trip)

  1. Birkenstocks
  2. 5 pairs of clean underwear
  3. 3 pairs of socks
  4. Toothbrush
  5. Deoderant
  6. 100mL Gel
  7. Good Book (Currently: The Alchemist, Thanks Lourdes)
  8. Foldable travel water bottle (thanks Devika)
  9. 1 California Tank Top
  10. 1 Longsleeve

Travelling so often has made me realise what items are important to me to feel comfortable, clean and ready to explore new places. You too will find your ultimate packing list.

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