Lions in Africa

Our most memorable travel experience.

We’d been to Africa before, been through South Africa and Tanzania, even been on safari.

But this time we were in Kenya, in the Masai Mara. We’d already seen lions in the wild, seen the big five, so it was getting hard to impress us. But then we came across a pride of lions. Two big males – the king and his brother – the mum and their cubs, all of different ages.

There was no one else around but us. Two travellers and a driver/guide. We sat quietly in our van, watching, witnessing. The lions had recently killed a zebra and were taking it in turns to eat, the babies were full of energy. It was mating season. There was so much activity.  We were in the middle of our own David Attenborough series.

One of the babies stole a large bit of meat, an older brother chased after it, the younger tripping over as it ran, but determined to hang on to its prize. Eventually getting away.

The large male, the brother of the king, decided it was his turn, roared loudly, scaring us and the other lions off.

The mum and dad wandered off to copulate. Eventually coming to rest beside our van, close enough that we could have leaned out the window and ruffled their fur.

Eventually our driver let other vans know where the lions were, but for one magical hour we had them all to ourselves.

Di and Ade, AllAbroadAU


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