How to Pack Your Life into Your Carry-On (Female Edition)

Written by Olivia

The Minimalist Packing List for the Most Versatile Outfits

There are lots of “what to pack” articles out there, and suggestions on what to bring on your trip, so where do you start? I’m just going to share with you my tips for packing some key pieces to make tons of outfits that are super versatile and ideal for any situation!

I have packed this way now for trips that ranged from city-sight seeing in Paris to hiking in Plitvice park in Croatia and everything in between. It`s a good starting point if you`ll be going to lots of different places in a short amount of time doing lots of different activities! These packing tips are geared towards using only a carry-on or backpacking bag for a mild-hot climate, and for trips that range from 4 days to three weeks. You could easily stretch it out too but should probably find a washing machine at some point 😉.


  • Rain coat or light all-weather coat
  • Jean jacket (I find this can be just that extra layer needed, is comfy, goes with everything, never gets dirty and so on!)
  • Cross-body travel purse or small backpack or bag to use throughout the day (you want it big enough for water, phone, camera etc but not so big that you`re super weighed down)
  • Travel money belt or secret wallet for passport and cards during travel periods
  • Sneakers
  • Sandals that are comfy but sleek
  • 2 long, stretchy dresses
  • 2 pairs of shorts
  • Pair of long trousers or capris
  • Three tops that are comfortable and go with your shorts and trousers
  • One top that is a bit dressier (but you could also wear all-day-long)
  • Light scarf
  • Very light PJs *tank top and shorts to take up as little space as possible
  • Bathing Suit
  • Sunglasses
  • One necklace, one bracelet, one pair of earrings
  • My toiletries bag usually has 100ml shampoo, toothpaste, foldable toothbrush, compactable travel towel, bare minimum amount of makeup, deodorant and sunscreen *Bring one nice lipstick that can easily make any outfit look dressed up!
  • Then obvs undies, socks etc as needed. I bring the required amount for the number of days I`m travelling or scope out, ahead of time, a washer & dryer situation somewhere along the travel route
  • Electronics- whatever you need, plus make sure you have an adaptor or get one at the airport

*Tips for what to wear on the airplane from this selection- wear your sneakers, longer trousers, comfiest top, scarf and at least one jacket if not both! Sometimes flights can be pretty chilly and then I use one jacket as a leg blanket if I need to and the scarf as a little pillow.

I generally start with these items when packing for any trip but then adjust based on what I plan to do! So I may pack more outdoorsy items or more dresses but using this list as a starting point has covered almost all scenarios for me so far.

Hope this can be helpful for some and please share your own travel packing tips!


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