Why You Should Marry a Girl Who Travels

Written by Jay Ho

Find yourself a girl who travels and marry her. I was lucky enough to find that special someone and will marry her in the Summer of 2019.

There’s something special about a girl who travels.

A woman who travels is a woman who lives life more deeply than most. She gets her thrills from connecting to causes greater than herself, getting lost in a new city and finding local restaurants where food matters more than ambience. A woman who travels is a woman who sees life another way – as moments to be painted and ones to remember.

She never settles, never accepts injustices. She may want to be with you but will have the self assurance to be alone.

A woman who travels has her own sense of belonging, her own style and lets life take her wherever it may go.

Look for the woman who burps and dances with reckless abandon. Look for the woman who has travelled and lived in a foreign land. Look for the woman who inspires you with her passion to change the world. Look for the woman who supports you and motivates you to become a better man.

Remind yourself often how lucky you are and show her how special she is. Although she is a traveller she wears many other hats. She may also be a painter, a daughter, a friend and your biggest fan.

And when you’ve found her, remember this post because these are the reasons why you should marry the girl who travels.

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