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Top 10 Reasons Why Vancouver Is The Best City in the World

Written by: Jay Ho

*I grew up in Vancouver and have travelled extensively throughout the world so I write this post with conviction that Vancouver is the Best City in the World.

1. Vancouver, Canada £371 direct return flights! ✈🦄

Visit my hometown and the most beautiful city in the world in Vancouver, Canada for such a bargain. ✈

2. East Vancouver: Commercial Drive, Main Street, East Hastings, China Town

Commercial Drive (The Drive) is the cultural heart of East Van and one of the city’s most beloved neighbourhoods. An eclectic mix of counter-culture and family-friendly venues. It’s a fun place to go for dinner and have some brews.

East Hastings is an area in Vancouver that faces massive gentrification and an epidemic of mental health/drug use/homelessness.

Main Street is one of North America’s Top 15 Coolest Streets and for good reason. Come here for the food, art, music and night life.

China Town is a colourful area and where you’ll see street signs and shop names in Chinese, beautiful red lanterns and elaborate street lamps.

There are several things you should do when visiting Chinatown. Here are a few of my favorites:

  • Visit a traditional Chinese herbalist.
  • Try a coconut bun, steamed bun, egg tart or almond cookie at one of many Chinese bakeries.
  • Eat dim sum at a restaurant. Order Ha Gao and Siu Mai and you’re set. Ask for the chicken feet if you’re feeling frisky.

3. The Food

Vancouver has one of the best food scenes in the world. The food here is just spectacular and yes, you will definitely have a foodgasm!

Some of the most recommended places to eat:

  • Small hole-in-the-wall type places cause that’s where I’d want to eat while travelling: Hoi An Cafe for their appies #1-3, Bun Cha Ca Hoang Yen for their fish cake noodle soup, Kishimoto japanese kitchen + sushi barSal Y Limón, Go Fish, Long’s Noodle House, Phnom Penh (obviously) for chicken wings, butter beef, and beef luc lac with egg on rice.” – Amie Tran, Prolific Eater
  • Cactus Club (English Bay) – This is the place to go to be seen and to enjoy the great sunsets that Vancouver has to offer. My favourites include the hand tossed Calamari, Butternut Squash Ravioli, Szechuan Lettuce Wraps, Tuna Stack, Blackened Creole Chicken, Four Mushroom Sirloin and the Chocolate Lava Cake!
  • Bao Bei is my go-to for most tourists who are into food. AnnaLena, Cinara, Merchant’s, Ask for Luigi, Phnom Penh, Fat Mao, L’Abattoir, Savio Volpe. If they love traditional sushi and hate California rolls, Masayoshi and Sushi Bar Miami are insanely good.” -Chef,
  • Head to Indochine for great vibes, drinks, food and live sports.
  • Feast on Chicken and Waffles at Tuc Craft Kitchen.
  • Eat at the Best Burger Dive in town at Wally’s Burgers.
  • Classic Fish and Chips at The Fish Counter.
  • Delicious food trucks can be found in Downtown. Check out The Juice Truck and Mom’s Grilled Cheese.

4. The Mountains

Vancouver is one of the most picturesque cities in the world due to the snow capped North Shore Mountains that paint the landscape. In the Spring, Fall and Summertime you can go on amazing hikings that are easily accessible by public transport. In the Winter head to Cypress, Grouse or Whistler and spend a day on the world class ski slopes.

5. The Pacific Ocean

I simply love the Pacific coastline with the ocean, the animals, the water breaking on the jagged shoreline, the long beaches, tide pools and beautiful beaches.

Explore the Sunshine Coast or Vancouver Island with BC Ferries. Do it as a walk on as it is much cheaper than bringing a vehicle.

6. The People

Canadians are known for our hospitality and friendliness so don’t be shy.

7. Stanley Park

Stanley Park was rated as the #1 Public Park in the World by TripAdvisor. There is a relaxing 8.8km seawall, 400-hectare rainforest, 3 beautiful beaches, Native artwork and wildlife makes Stanley Park a bucket-list worthy place to visit.

8. Playland (Fright Nights)

Playland is an amusement park in Vancouver that turns spooky from Oct 13th to Nov 01. Come here to experience terrifying Haunted Houses, ride the Famous Wooden Roller Coaster and mow down on carnival foods mini-donuts, caramel apples and elephant ears!

9. U.B.C.

My alma mater and one of Canada’s best universities. Visit this majestic campus with it’s newly built student union building (The Nest), Wreck Beach (Nude Beach), Rose Garden and Thunderbird Stadium. See why so many foreign students choose to study abroad here 🙂

10. Gastown

Walk down the cobble stoned streets and discover the true birthplace of Vancouver!

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